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Medical Surgical Unit

Mission Statement:

We provide medical surgical services through customer orientated care. We involve patients and families in all aspects of care during their hospitalization. We put the patients' and families needs first.

Unit Standards:

    To work collaboratively with each other and other departments.
    To be accountable for outcomes on our unit.
    To promote an open environment that fosters creativity and innovation.
    To be motivated and inspire confidence.
    To demonstrate high standards and a high level of professionalism.
    To know each others opinions are valued.
    To treat each other with courtesy, consideration, and professional respect.

Key Values:

Each staff member will be self-confident, self-motivated, and self-managed. Each staff member will demonstrate professional pride through interpersonal interactions and positive outcomes from patient care.

Nursing Process:

The nursing process emphasizes quality and individualized patient care.
Through the collaborative efforts of the nurse and patient, a clear practical plan of care is developed and utilized to achieve a positive outcome.


Our vision is that the patient comes first, with a strong reverence for life; we will promote patient/physician trust, patient/community education and access to quality healthcare services/facilities.

For questions concerning our Medical/Surgical department, please contact:

Jeffrey Chapman RN, MSN
Director of Med/Surg
432-464-2326 or 432-464-2360
Fax 432-464-2371


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